Anniversary sale of the Atelier de moulage GrandPalaisRmn

vendredi 26 avril 2024 14:00
Atelier de moulage GrandPalaisRmn , 1, impasse du Pilier 93210 Saint Denis
Sale information


Tuesday April 23 11am-5pm

Wednesday, April 24 11am-5pm

Thursday April 25 11am-5pm


Friday April 26 at 2pm

All lots are located in Saint-Denis (93), at Ateliers GrandPalaisRmn, 1 impasse du Pilier.

The Packengers( will be happy to arrange transportation after the sale. Similarly, Ateliers GrandPalaisRmn( can draw up a quotation for a special crate, a patina on request, or any other service they can provide.

We invite you to read the information in the press release below, and to visit us for further information on the premises and the works, from Tuesday April 23 to Thursday April 25, 11am to 5pm. We look forward to welcoming you at 1, impasse du Pilier, Saint-Denis. You can attend the sale on site, subject to prior registration (with Alice Pujol, or +33 1 81 70 36 56), or follow and bid on

The name of the file indicates the studio that took the initial impression from which the following plaster casts were made.

Background models bear witness to the great experimentation that is the history of casting. Used from the early 20th century until 1960, they were the counterpart to the print. They were made in two parts: the front of the work and its back, with a single seam running all the way around. Only five or six prints were made before the model had to be recreated: their dark color indicates maximum use.

A legacy of the Age of Enlightenment, the Atelier moulage GrandPalaisRmn, which has been awarded the "France savoir-faire d'excellence" and "Entreprise du patrimoine vivant" (EPV) labels, is both a place of conservation and transmission. Created by the Musée du Louvre in 1794, it houses one of the world's largest collections of molds and models, and brings unique skills back to life. The masterpieces reproduced here trace the entire history of sculpture, from prehistory to the present day. The conservation of molds of works now lost or damaged makes it a veritable heritage reserve.

On the occasion of its 230 years of expertise in the service of institutions and museums, the Atelier de moulage

GrandPalaisRmn will be auctioning 230 casts of all sizes: reproductions in rough or patinated plaster, resin, models on plaster backgrounds, including some dating back to the 19th century.

This anniversary edition will feature some of the world's most iconic statuary. Among the finest pieces will be Michelangelo's Pietà, a large Khmer bas-relief, Fragment d'un défilé royal: les Thaï, and a Tête d'Ange souriant de Reims.

This exceptional sale, organized by the Atelier GrandPalaisRmn in collaboration with the Leducq Enchères auction house, will be open to all, on site and online, on Friday April 26 at 2 pm. Three days of exhibition at the Atelier de moulage GrandPalaisRmn in Saint Denis, on Tuesday April 23, Wednesday April 24 and Thursday April 25, will enable amateurs and collectors to discover the richness of the sale under the guided tour of the auctioneers.

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