Mercure enlevant Psyché

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Mercure enlevant Psyché
Atelier de moulage des Musée du Louvre (1794-1882), after Adriaen de VRIES (1556-1626) Mercury abducting Psyche Plaster, model on base H. 130 cm W. 84 cm D. 51 cm (torso) H. 117 cm W. 45 cm D. 28 cm (leg) Parts of the mold used to produce the plaster cast from the original bronze work produced in Prague in 1593 and now in the Musée du Louvre (Paris). Louvre inventory no.: MR 3270; N 15082 Period of manufacture and use of models on base: 1900-1960 Possible outdoor display: no Condition: very damaged, with significant missing parts Type of mold in relation to model: fragments
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