Tête de divinité féminine Prajnaparamita ou Tara (?)

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Tête de divinité féminine Prajnaparamita ou Tara (?)
Atelier de moulage des Musées Nationaux (1928-) Head of female deity Prajnaparamita or Tara (?) Plaster with base H. 46 cm W. 17 cm D. 16 cm Based on the original Cambodian sandstone work dating from the late 12th/early 13th century and housed at the Musée National des arts asiatiques-Guimet (Paris), a witness to Khmer art and the Bayon style. The reign of Jayavarman VII (1178-1191) marked a certain break with the previous period: Brahmanism was abandoned in favor of Buddhism, leading to significant changes in the layout of religious buildings, while decoration became more exuberant and motifs more directly inspired by reality. This is what we can see with this head with its cunning expression: its slightly tense smile and wide-open but slightly fixed eyes are not at all stereotyped and are a far cry from contemporary heads that smile calmly. Guimet inventory no: MG 14941 Date of present print run: 21st century Possible outdoor exposure: no Condition: missing, seams, small accidents, traces Type of print compared to model: complete
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