[Joë BOUSQUET]. Correspondance reçue. 1921-1947.

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[Joë BOUSQUET]. Correspondance reçue. 1921-1947.
[Joë BOUSQUET]. Correspondence received. 1921-1947. 76 letters and postcards and 4 autograph manuscripts, totaling 200 pages in various formats. Important correspondence addressed to Joë Bousquet by his writer, artist and publisher friends. It includes autograph letters from Jean Cassou, Gala (4 letters or cards), Max Ernst and Leonora Carrington, Gaston Gallimard (5 letters), Henri Michaux, Jean Paulhan (11 letters) and Vercors. They discuss Bousquet's publications, his art collection, his readings, the political and literary situation at the start of the war and at the Liberation, the Prix de la Pléiade (awarded from 1943 to 1947, with Bousquet as one of the jurors), and acquaintances and friends such as Max Ernst, Georges Braque, Antonin Artaud, Dubuffet and Dalí. - Ferdinand ALQUIÉ. 7 autograph letters signed, 15 pages in-8 or in-4. Interesting letters to his youthful friend, notably describing the results of his analysis sessions with the psychoanalyst René Allendy, and giving news of the Parisian artistic scene (Breton, Tanguy, Eluard, Picasso, Tériade, Max Ernst). - Leonora CARRINGTON. Autograph letter signed. Café Carrigou, Saint-Martin-d'Ardèche, Thursday [1937] (2 pages in-8). About her relationship with Max Ernst and Marie-Berthe Aurenche: I'm having a torn moment. But in spite of that, I feel that these moments alone that I've just spent are things of value [...] I'm well here and never before have I felt the joys of being alone, I know the sexual, spiritual and emotional life of sorrow - without all alike so in the evening my brain doesn't have too much work to do. - Jean CASSOU. 2 autograph letters signed. November 11 and November 21, 1938 (1 p. ½ and 2 pp. in-4). Beautiful, friendly letters giving news of his forthcoming publications, speaking in particular of his admiration for Werther, a text by Bousquet on detective novels and Georges Simenon, as well as the Spanish War and the Munich Agreement: "It was a beautiful story and how admirably put together! With Hitler's ranting on the radio every night. We only breathe to prepare ourselves for new, or less extraordinary, events. - Gaston GALLIMARD. 5 autograph letters signed. [Paris] May 30 - June 20, 1946 (6 pp. ½ in-8, Nrf letterhead), discussing the publisher's dealings with the Comité d'épuration. I repeated to the judge that the Germans wanted to take over the publishing house after having put it under seal after my return, that in any case they would have reissued the magazine and that to save at least the works of writers, I abandoned it, Drieu La Rochelle guaranteeing that it would be purely literary which is proved by the collaboration of Gide, Valéry, Éluard etc. ... and yours. Enclosed is the end of a letter from Jeanne Gallimard to Bousquet, concerning the indictment against her husband (2 pp. in-8). - Jean PAULHAN. 11 signed autograph letters and postcards and a fragment of an autograph letter. [Paris] 1941-1942 and 1946 (5 pp. ½ in-8 on Nrf headed sheets and 8 postcards). Relating to the publication of Traduit du silence and Fleurs de Tarbes, Georges Braque, Dubuffet, the Prix de la Pléiade, and the day organized on June 7 at the Théâtre Sarah Bernhardt in support of Antonin Artaud, who had returned to Paris after several years of internment. The Artaud matinee, almost a disappointment (few spectators at 1,000 and 1,500 francs), was very beautiful. Breton's 'I don't know yet what I'm going to say, but I'll say it with force' speech. Adamoff, so visibly ill or drugged himself as to be heartbreaking. When Barrault read the Cenci, he sometimes had the cries of Artaud himself. Apart from that, too many obviously crazy texts, read with solemnity by Rouleau, Adamoff, but with admirable emotion by Colette Thomas. Artaud witnessed it all, from the depths of a silent dressing room, truly from another world". The other documents are by : René BARJAVEL. Paris May 26 1939 (2 pp. in-4) - Max ERNST and Leonora CARRINGTON. Pont-de-Monvert (Lozère) [1937] (1 p. in-4) - Henri MICHAUX (2 lines on an in-12 card) - François-Paul ALIBERT - Jean BALLARD - Lucien BECKER - Simone CAHEN-SALVADOR - Charles-Albert CINGRIA Charles-Albert CINGRIA - Gala DALI - DANIEL- ROPS - Yanette DELÉTANG-TARDIF - Jean DESRIVES (2 signed autograph poems) - Claude-Louis ESTÈVE (signed autograph manuscript on Bousquet's Bleu de nuit) - Ivan GOLL - René ICHÉ - Edmond JALOUX - Elise JOUHANDEAU (signed autograph manuscript with a dozen corrections in Marcel Jouhandeau's handwriting) - KRIYA - Huguette LAMBA Huguette LAMBA - Jean LEBRA - Jean LE LOUËT - Jacques LEMARCHAND - Henri de LESCOËT - Pierre LOEB - A.-F. LUGNÉ-POE (autograph bill signed by a self-portrait) - Robert MARGERIT - René MASSAT - Fernand MOURL
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